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50 years of

Commercial & Residential Demolition Services Bay Area


All Stages of Demolition

With two decades of demolition experience, we cater to all clients: from contractors to small home or business owners. We serve all projects big and small for all stages of demolition services in the Bay Area.

Soft & Hard Demolition

Soft demolition is the process of removing exterior facets of the structure without the need to alter the structural integrity. Hard Demolition involves the teardown or modification to structural components of the building.

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Commercial, Residential & Partial Building Demolition Services Bay Area

We are experienced in both Commercial and Residential Demolition Services in Bay Area over the past two decades. From partial building demolition to add a room or a complete demolition to build the house of your dreams, our expertise will get you there.

Bathroom Demolition Services Bay Area

Whether it is regular old wear and tear or demolishing a bathroom for renovation is no small task. This delicate operation requires the take-down of wall tiles, sinks, pipes, floor tiles and other materials while keeping the structure stable and strong. This ensures a solid space within which to build a new bathroom. We are the expert you should be thinking to hire for Bathroom Demolition Services in Bay Area. We remove all debris as part of our service.


Floor Demolition Services Bay Area

Floor demolition service require an expert professional to ensure the unwanted covering: whether tiles, carpet, vinyl, wood or floor coatings such as adhesives and paint are removed properly and safely.  We work with your plans in mind and leave a blank-slate surface on which your intended new flooring will be easily instated.

Interior & Exterior Demolition Services Oakland & Bay Area

Buying an out-of-date house or thinking of a home renovation?  SMI offers provide reliable, cost-effective exterior demolition services in Oakland and other areas in Bay Area to meet your requirement.

We will remove the walls, cabinets, and other items needed to make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking for site work demolition or roofing demolition, we have got all covered.


Foundation & Concrete Removal

Removal of foundations which are beyond repair can be a complex process. SMI has specialized equipment to tackle any issues which may arise and ensure the removal is done correctly and safely.

Driveway Removal

Old, broken and out-of-style paving stone, concrete or asphalt can cause serious drainage and grading issues which may not be problematic now but may deteriorate exponentially if not taken attended to. We remove the old so you can put in the new. 

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Tenant Improvements 

SMI can help your tenant improvements for new lease spaces, renovating current lease spaces or upgrading certain areas of the property. We work closely with property owners and leasees to ensure we meet all their requirements.


SMI carefully and safely removes asphalt on properties to make way for new projects or areas.

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Mobile Home & Trailer Removal

SMI can remove and demolish trailers and mobile homes from properties.

Deck & Patio Removal

The decision to renovate a patio or deck can be demanding. Let SMI do the challenging part so you can begin your new project.


Kitchen Demolition Bay Area

A kitchen demolition is a very popular form of soft demolition which we provide in Bay Area.  With the rise of choices for functional and aesthetic upgrades for the one of the most used rooms in the house, it is little wonder.  The process of demolishing a kitchen is always done carefully and includes the removal of floor and wall tiles, cabinets, pipes, sinks and more.  

Pool Removal & Fill

The decision to remove a pool can be demanding. Let SMI do the challenging part so you can begin your new project.



Commercial & Residential Demolition Services Bay Area

SMI is a California State licensed, fully insured contractor with two decades of expertise in both commercial and residential demolition services in Bay Area. We specialize in whole or partial building demolition services, bathroom demolition services, floor demolition services, kitchen demolition, foundation and concrete removal and much more.

While demolition is an intense process, it is one our highly experienced workforce carries out with care and precision using premium equipment. At the core of every project which SMI Demolition undertakes is our commitment to quality work at an affordable, professional price.

To ensure we meet high standards, we focus on: safety, environmental responsibility, exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty.  These standards enable us to excel in this business and are a staple of our core values.

Our team ensures we recycle the majority of the materials from the demolition sites we work on. Put simply, we do the job right the first time and as safely as possible.

We are based in Berkeley, and proudly serve clients from Oakland to San Francisco, San Rafael to Walnut Creek and the whole Bay Area.  Contact us today to obtain a competitive quote for commercial and residential demolition services in Bay Area.

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