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Commercial & Residential Hauling Services 


Residential Junk Hauling

From a renovation of your house to a complicated DIY project to stockpiled junk in your garage; SMI will clear out the debris.

Commercial Hauling

Being a part of the demolition business has put us in a distinct advantage when it comes to cleaning up a commercial site. Years of experience has fast and reliable.


Office Furniture Hauling

Need to get rid of your old office supplies such as desks, chairs, cabinets and other items? SMI will help you clear out your office to make space for your renewed office.

Yard Waste Removal

Clearing out your garden or remodeling your backyard. We come by when you finish and collect all the green waste, brush, wooden fences and other debris left behind

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Dirt & Concrete Hauling

Dirt and concrete can come in all shapes and forms. From remodeling of the backyard to a new driveway we have the solution that meets your needs.

Debris Box Services

Whether you are a construction company or a homeowner needing a place to put your debris; we offer a variety of dumpsters, from 5 to 40 yards, that'll fit all your needs regardless of the job


Junk Removal & Hauling Service in Bay Area

SMI offers hauling services across the Bay Area whether you need to clean up your office furniture, residential junk or commercial hauling, we provide unmatched customer service. Our experienced crew will make this process simple, fast and efficient; it'll seem as if the junk was never there.


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