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Fiberglass & Concrete Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services in Bay Area 

California State Licensed & Fully Insured Demolition Contractor

Swimming pool demolition can be expensive and time-intensive to operate and maintain.  Oftentimes, they just do not get used very often, and if you are selling your home, an upkeep-needy pool may deter potential buyers. Besides, you may want to reclaim your backyard and instead put in a garden, a patio for family nights, or a comfortable stretch of green grass the family can enjoy.

Or you may just want to take out an outdated or problem-ridden old pool and put in a brand new one.

But taking the steps to swimming pool removal can be a hassle. SMI is here to make this step more manageable. Our team has two decades of experience in carefully and effectively removing and demolishing countless unwanted concrete, fiberglass and Vinyl swimming pools and we can help you remove yours. 

SMI specializes in swimming pool demolition, taking debris away, and backfilling in the Bay Areas Concord, Walnut Creek, and Lafayette. We cover anything from above ground to concrete swimming pool removal services.  Our experienced crew works rapidly and efficiently so you can get your next project started. We focus and prioritize on minimalizing our footprint to your landscape and property and we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

We are very mindful of noise and take steps to minimalize this inconvenience to you the homeowner and to your neighbors. SMI will visit your house, analyze the terrain for removal, walk you through the swimming pool removal process step by step and give you a complimentary quote.

Why remove your pool?


Maintenance and operational expenses such as chemicals, electricity, water and repairs are increasing


If your pool is older than 15 years and has significant damage, it can lower your house value


Removing the old pool to build a new modern one

What are your options for swimming pool removal?

Partial swimming pool removal with non-engineered backfill
Full pool demolition with non-engineered backfill
Partial swimming pool removal with engineered backfill
Full pool demolition with engineered backfill

Types of swimming pool removal services we provide:


Pool Removal




Pool Removal



Pool Removal 





Pool Removal

SMI's 8 easy steps for pool removal services:


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